When it comes to web languages,
I'm highly fluent.

JavaScript. jQuery. Angular. CSS. And HTML. Web development is my forté. I also know my way around WordPress and front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize. I’m also hardwired in Adobe Creative Suite.

Aesthetics matter to me, whether it’s clean code or a well-designed site. And that includes bells and whistles like responsive design and parallax scrolling. To me, technical and visual aren’t mutually exclusive. You have to have both to deliver great digital. If you think so too, let's talk. To see a complete list of my qualifications, click below.

Getting sites in good shape.
All of them.

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Responsive Design

Today, people are surfing on a variety of platforms and devices. That’s why websites have to translate—to different browsers, screen sizes, tablets, and mobile. The mark of a good web developer is the ability to code and provide responsive design for all of these platforms. So no matter where people are or what device they’re using, they get all the information they need with nothing lost in translation. If scalability is important to you, I can provide the right fit.

A shout-out to standout projects.

4Most Marketing Agency


4MostLLC is an independently owned web development and marketing firm with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and New York City. The firm’s digital expertise is in online gaming, golf properties and stock trading. The 4Most team includes professionals skilled in sales, marketing, interactive design and front- and back-end web development.

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Leathers Milligan

Leathers Milligan

Leathers Miiligan is a certified veteran-owned consultancy helping organizations upgrade the competencies of their current leadership team(s) while identifying, assessing, selecting and developing their future generations of leaders.

Making digital come to life
with custom graphics.

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Newsletters and Emails for Every Occasion

Staying in touch with customers is critical to small business success. I provide custom coding and design for a variety of newsletters and email blasts that promote ongoing engagement through customer relationship marketing. Writing code and content, providing search engine optimization, structuring layouts and performing image manipulation are just a few of the tools in my belt to ensure a good user experience.

I also handle deployment, ensuring that newsletters and email blasts render accurately across a variety of platforms and screen sizes. And I provide analytics and reporting post-deployment, using Google analytics.

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